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Heirloom Needlepoint Pumpkins (TM)

Watch these 'shelves' for new Heirloom Needlepoint Pumpkins(tm) We will start stocking  in June and continue through the first part of November.

When I started the 2020 Heirloom Needlepoint Pumpkin Harvest(tm), I had no idea it would be my last. But aggravating an old rib injury made that decision for me. It has taken  months to learn to work without reinjuring it (still, sometimes, I am in a lot of pain.) It will, however, not be the last of the Heirloom Needlepoint Pumpkins. I will be making pumpkins at a much slower pace. They will be listed on my website as they become ready.  There will no longer be a scheduled day of the week. I hope you will visit often. 
I announce new pumpkins on Facebook and Instagram if you wish to follow me on those platforms.

Please take time to read all the nitty gritty about the pumpkins (and acorns, too) by clicking the harvest info link.