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Heirloom Needlepoint Pumpkins (TM)

The 2020 Heirloom Needlepoint Pumpkin(tm) Harvest

A new crop of pumpkins will be listed at 3PM central every  Thursday   through November 5, 2020.

I am going to have to slow things down. I have aggravated an old rib injury. I am trying to work through the pain but is is difficult as the work has caused the pain. Thank you for understanding.

You may find the all nitty gritty on our Harvest page. The information is important, we hope you take time to read it. 

There is a $7.49 charge per shipment. If you place more than one order per day, the shipping charge after the 1st order will be refunded. The cart knows no other way. The pumpkins sell fast. Feel free to shop quickly and check out quickly. We will refund the shipping over-charges before the package is sent.

The pumpkins are not made from perfect needlepoints, those are saved for other things. The pumpkin are 'as is'~ warts and all.

Because the wool is vintage, stems are real, and the fill is mostly rice, proper storage is a must. The pumpkins should be stored in an airtight container in cool dry place. Cold storage is preferred. They could also be stored in a freezer from time to time. The stems may need to be reattached more often, though.

For decorative purposes only. Do not use outdoors.