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These lovely needlepoints have been through a lot...I am just not sure what! Popular stitching projects in the 50s, these were dirty (now clean,) had smudges of color (seen on the young man in love,) are stitched a bit off center, and have stitching issues. WoW! But they perseved through the years and I couldn't resist them. If you love good vintage peices, you will love these, but if you need perfection, you won't.They have been so much together, I can't bear to separate them, so they are sold as a pair. Paired with bunny toile, they are nothing short of whimsy.

*Measurements: Approximately 18.5" sq. including flange, center aprx. 16.5" shown here with a 20" feather insert for maximum plumpness (not included)
*Face: Vintage Needlepoint (therefore considered 2nd use)~100% wool yarns worked on cotton canvas
*Front: Vintage Cotton ticking, back: 100% cotton canvas
 *Not intended for children under age 12