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Sketchyaddle 31


*This pumpkin measures aprx. 8" across (stems vary).

* The pumpkins are made from unfinished pre-worked vintage needlepoints of wool worked on cotton canvas~ therefore considered second use.

* The needlepoints are laundered but not repaired...they are as is ~ warts and all.

*These are bit rustic

* The stem are 100% natural pumpkin stems, gathered from pumpkin farms, cleaned, disinfected, and dried ~ just not by me 

* While the stems are natural, they are not natural to needlepoint pumpkins so they may need to be reattached sometime in the future .

* The pumpkins are partially filled with rice and partially filled with 100% polyester fiber-fill~ they should always be stored in a cool dry place when not on display. The rice allows for the pumpkin to be shaped and re-shaped a bit.