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Porch Pillows


Two lovely German needlepoints make for the perfect (covered)porch pillows. The square is called  "Apfelblüte" (apple blossom), the rectangle is called "Bauernhaus im  Frühling" (farmhouse in Spring). Both are based on paintings by by Heinrich Böhmer (1852-1930)

*Measurements: Approximately 13.5" t X 9.5 w shown here with a small travel pillow (not included)  and 11.5" square shown here with a 14" feather pillow (not included)    - a 12" would work, too

*Face: Vintage Needlepoint (therefore considered 2nd use)~100% wool yarns worked on cotton canvas

*Back & Front: 100% Cotton Decorator Stripe from Ralph Lauren

*Not intended for children under age 12

*Sold as a pair only