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Blue/Green Bargello


  • This pumpkin measures aprx. 6" (stems vary).The pumpkins are made from vintage needlepoints which are rarely perfect.
  • Pumpkins are sold ‘as is’ with warts and all
  • The pumpkins are filled with mostly rice (for easy reshaping) and finished with 100% polyfil
  • The stems are natural. Collected from pumpkin farms, cleaned and dried.....just not by me. While they are natural, they are not natural to needlepoint pumpkins, so they may need to be reattached sometime in the future.
  • Pumpkins are for display only, not to be used as toys
  • When not in use, they should be stored in a cool, airtight container
  • Photos are taken in natural daylight. Some variance may happen due to computer screens. The camera does pick up the more vibrant colors, to the eye the colors are more muted.
  • Because the wool is vintage, stems are real, and the fill is mostly rice, proper storage is a must. The pumpkins should be stored in an airtight container in cool dry place. Cold storage is preferred. They could also be stored in a freezer from time to time. The stems may need to be reattached more often, though. Large zip-lock bags can be found on Amazon. Adding a silica gel pack wouldn't hurt. The same goes for the acorns.